Hi Every Body .My name is Daniel .28 Years Old .

I Was in watches Business since 6 years ago after I graduate from university.We wholesale watches from factory and sell them to the world.

3 Years Ago , I saw Rolex dealer wall clock the first time and fall love with it .I want buy one But but i can’t because This wall clock is only

for Rolex Dealer.I Think most people who love Rolex will love this wall clocks like me and it will be a good business .So I discussed with one

of my factory friend then startedto product this wall clocks ourself.

At china , It’s league to sell this clocks without logo,but if our customers want this wall clocks with logo , we can do that too .Sincerely

treat every customer is my business Law.

These Business is a raising business ,so All Business partner over the world are welcomed . If you want do this business at your place ,you

can contact me too .

you can click to Email me